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Preserve the Chinese Culture 保留中华传统文化

Chinese culture survived the longest in history, and our ancestors has done a great work in preserving them for more than 2500 years. How long will our Chinese culture last?

The modern world has great influenced on the people today with technologies, movies, entertainment, food, and almost everything in our daily lives. It is slowly taking over the Chinese culture, and in today’s generation, lesser people are aware of Chinese traditions and their roots.

Videos on the internet showing lion dance dancing hip-hop, shuffling, are making fun of the Chinese culture and shows no respect to the tradition.

We need to be aware that without a culture, we will lose our identity. If we lose our identity, we will be extinct.

It is not by accident that we are lion-dancers. It is not by accident that you come across this article. There is something that we must do, that is to preserve the Chinese culture so that our future generations can learn about the longest surviving culture in the world and continue to bring it forward.

As lion-dancers, we each hold a responsibility to teach our disciples about the values, tradition, knowledge, and history, of the Chinese culture. Being a lion-dancer is more than just performing a lion dance.








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