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The meaning of the lion dance head making

the meaning of a lion dance head

Lion head making has deep meaning behind them, why they are constructed in certain shapes, sizes, and colour.
Here we explain each of them to you:

1. Nose – The nose represents Wealth. That is why the nose is big, and the traditional colour is green. Because in lion dance, it is using the meaning of the same tone. For example, in Cantonese, the sound of green is Luk, which has the same meaning as Wealth.

2. Cheek – The cheek is the area to protect the Wealth. Therefore a chubby cheek means the Wealth will come smoothly.

3. Forehead – The forehead bulging high up represents Longevity, it is originated from Fuk Luk Sau where the Sau character has a bulging forehead.

4. Chin – A chubby chin represents good life, which is Fuk.

5. Ears – Large ears represents the ability to enjoy life in abundance.

So now you know the reason behind why lion dance head are made and painted in such a way since the early beginnings.
You can share and explain to the young ones about it too.


  1. 鼻子 - 鼻子为财。所以狮子的鼻子要大,颜色为绿。因为舞狮之意为同音,绿和禄在粤语是同音。
  2. 脸颊 - 脸颊是保护财的位置。所以脸颊有肉代表着财路流利顺畅。
  3. 前额 - 前额高突代表着长寿,源自福禄寿里的寿星公。
  4. 下巴 - 下巴有肉代表着福,好命。
  5. 耳朵 - 耳朵大代表能够享受生活。


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