Exclusive Interview 专访 

Conversation with “The God of Drummers”


江國藝: 我開始學醒獅的時間為1983年開始,在元朗的鄉村地方學的, 因為80年代的香港是一個運動,武術醒獅年代, 當年1982年劉德華在無線電視拍的第一套電視劇叫(花艇小英雄)講述醒獅的, 以及村內會定時練習舞獅子,打鑼鼓茶所以瘋狂愛上了舞獅………當年在香港的元朗區為落後地方, 交通不方便, 但著重於每年傳統的新年及天后寶誕, 所以那個年代住在元朗的年青人有很多都好喜歡舞獅子的

到1986年尾當年因為搬離鄉村地方,去大廈樓宇住, 在那時間我暫停了學舞獅子的活動

再去到1992年我上中學F.2的時間, 我跟同學組織了獅隊在他的家玩

但見於自己不會舞獅子, 於是走去學藝



其實鼓神的稱呼為在2005年開始由YOUTUBE 影片(鼓神背面)開始之後一直到2009年的YOUTUBE
lion dance super performance舞獅超級演出 1 and 舞獅超級演出2


我跟香港羅梁獅王劉耀霖, backup我

江國藝: 1鑼, 2鼓, 3茶

江國藝: 鼓神只是對澳門街獅, 鼓愛好者的叫法, 還有因為我由1996年開始去大陸做鼓賣給其他人的, 簡單地說, 朋友們見我又會做鼓,打鼓也喜歡才這樣稱呼我, 我其實也不是很喜歡鼓神這個名的, 因為會得罪很多人的….

江國藝: 我熱愛醒獅是因為,舞獅子,打鑼鼓茶可以展現出中國武術以及藝術內涵的展現


English Translation:

Jiang Guo Yi is a well-known and versatile sportsman that had contributed a trend in lion dance. He is passionate about lion dance to the extend that he has the fastest ever hand in drumming which he named it, “Thousand Hands Freestyle Drum”, and he was named “The God of Drummers” by his followers. Guo Yi combines traditional techniques and skills of the highest level and to strengthen the innovative drumming method. I am very honored to have a conversation with, “The God of Drummers”.

How old were you when you started an interest with lion dance? Under what circumstances?

Jiang Guo Yi: I started to learn lion dance during 1983 in the villages of Yuen Long, Hong Kong. During the 1980s was a movement for Kung Fu & Lion Dance, in 1982 when Andy Lau took the first set drama in TVB called ( Little Floats Hero) about lion dance, and the village regularly practicing lion dance, beating of drums, gongs, and cymbals. Everyone was so crazy in love with the lion ……… then as a backward place in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long district, traffic inconvenient, but focuses on the traditional annual Chinese New Year and Tin Hau Festival, the young people of that time living in Yuen Long love lion dance.

To the 1986 year-end, we moved out of the rural area, and lived in high rise buildings. At that time I suspended the activities of lion dance.

In 1992, when I was at F.2 secondary school, a few of my classmates organized a lion dance team to play in his home.

Because I did not know about lion dance then, therefore I went to learn the art of lion dance.

Who is your master?
Jiang Guo Yi:

During 1983-1986 I was at Buk Sing Choy Li Fut.
After 1993 years, I went to Hung Gar Chan Ka-kui Three Exhibition Martial Arts.
1997 years onwards, I went to Pang Keung Sports Assiociation whom played Luo Liang Style lion dance.
In 2006 I left the Pang Keung …. I came out on my own.

In fact, “The God of Drummers” title started in 2005 until 2009 YOUTUBE YOUTUBE Videos (The Back of “The God of Drummers”)
lion dance super performance lion super performances 1 and lion super performances show 2

From then onwards, I trained hard to achieve the greatest height. That time begin, no longer anyone challenged my drumming skills.

Another person that lead to my super big breakthrough after I left Pang Keung, was “King of Lion Dancers” Liu Yaolin, from Luo Liang, who backed me up and taught me authentic Macau Street Lion Dancing after which I created the “Thousand Hands Freestyle Drum”.

Drum, gong, cymbals, which is your favorite?
Jiang Guo Yi: 1 gongs, 2 drum, 3 cymbals

Someone named you as “The God of Drummers”, what do you think?
Jiang Guo Yi: “The God of Drummers” is just a name called by the Macau Street lion dance enthusiasts, that’s simply because I began to go to China by 1996 making drums and sold to other people. Friends see that I make drums and play the drum well that’s why they like to call me that. I actually do not like this title, “The God of Drummers”, because it will offend a lot of people ….

What is the reason you love lion?
Jiang Guo Yi: I love lion dance because lion dance, playing drum, gong, and cymbals can show the Chinese martial arts, as well as artistic connotation expression.

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