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The meaning of the lion dance head making

Lion head making has deep meaning behind them, why they are constructed in certain shapes, sizes, and colour. Here we explain each of them to you: 1. Nose – The nose represents Wealth. That is why the nose is big, and the traditional colour is green. Because in lion dance, it is using the meaning of the same tone. For example, in Cantonese, the sound of green is Luk, which has the same meaning as Wealth. 2. Cheek – The cheek is the area to protect the Wealth. Therefore a…

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Chingay & Dragon Dance Parade in Penang

Picture: George Town, Penang GEORGE TOWN, PENANG – Chingay & Dragon Dance Parade this weekend (16th December 2012) The parade is expected to start from Padang Brown at 7.30pm, and the 1st team to reach Esplanade by 9pm. Key performance area for spectators will be at Padang Brown, Penang Road in front of KOMTAR, and Esplanade (in front of City Hall). There will be Chingay teams, Dragon and Lion Dance teams involved in this parade.

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Preserve the Chinese Culture 保留中华传统文化

Chinese culture survived the longest in history, and our ancestors has done a great work in preserving them for more than 2500 years. How long will our Chinese culture last? The modern world has great influenced on the people today with technologies, movies, entertainment, food, and almost everything in our daily lives. It is slowly taking over the Chinese culture, and in today’s generation, lesser people are aware of Chinese traditions and their roots. Videos on the internet showing lion dance dancing hip-hop, shuffling, are making fun of the Chinese…

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