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Basics of 8 trigrams a.k.a Ba Gua unveiled

The 8 trigrams, or commonly known as Ba Gua, is one of Ancient China’s symbol. The long line - represents Yang, and the broken line — represents Yin. The combination of 3 such lines forms 8 symbols, known as the 8 trigrams. Each trigram represents something.

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The 8 trigrams interrelating with one another forms 64 trigrams. There are 2 arrangements of 8 trigrams, one is Early Heaven, and the other is Later Heaven.


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The trigram in the Early Heaven display the characteristics of Yin & Yang. Each trigram is of opposite polar, e.g. we look at Qian gua which has 3 long lines, is counter by 3 broken lines in the opposite direction. Whereas the position of the trigrams has changed in the Later Heaven due to the environmental change.

The 8 trigram is used in lion dance plucking of green. Do take note of the position of trigrams to know if it’s an Early Heaven or Later Heaven trigram, so that you can perform in correct manner. The lion should enter from the Earth 地, and exit from the Mountain 山, which means the lion conquered the mountain.

Chinese culture has a great depth of knowledge. Hope you find this interesting, and you may find out more about the 8 trigrams in your own research or learning.


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