Exclusive Interview 专访 

Conversation with Kwong Ngai Lion Dance


1. 光艺醒狮体育会是什么情况下创办的?

2. 你们的主要推动力是什么?

3. 是不是一开始就跳梅花庄?

4. 跳梅花庄要考虑什么要素?

(一)遵師重道、同門相協 (不欺師滅祖、孝忠之悌) 忠
(二)承傳道統、光宗門脈 (不亂本溯源、正揚師譽) 正
(三)勤學苦練、心專無雜 (不中途而廢、毅志練心) 毅
(四)敢承得失、以勇破障 (不畏失败者、勇者無懼) 勇
(五)能容乃大、包涵忍讓 (不自大為是、大智若愚) 智
(六)謙實研學、明心見性 (不貪瞋痴狂、精誠所致) 誠
(七)彼善量宏、圓融相處 (不背後傷人、和皆融恰) 和
(八)培養品修、崇尚八德 (不藐視亂道、禮儀廉恥) 禮

5. 光艺荣获了很多奖杯。有些狮队是有分A队B队。你们是不是同一只队参加比赛的呢? 跳庄狮头表演者最理想是多少重量?

6. 你们用多长的时间训练才达到现在的水平呢?

7. 除了南狮之外,你们也有北狮。现在很多南狮也运用了北狮的舞法。南狮和北狮除了鼓乐和外形,有什么大不同吗?

Kwong Ngai Lion Dance is one of the very famous Lion Dance troupe in Malaysia. They have won many trophies and also took part in many international competitions. What are the skills behind their success? I am very honored to have the team leader of Kwong Ngai Lion Dance Chen Qiwen Sifu with us to share his answer.

1. How was Kwong Ngai founded? Was there any special occasion?
Sifu Chen: There was no special occasion when we founded the troupe. It was founded in 2002 together with Guang Wenchang Sifu. It has been 10 years now.

2. What is the motivation behind all the things you have done?
Sifu Chen: Our main motivation is to continue preserving this culture, allowing the youths an environment for healthy sports, and promoting the art of lion dance.

3. Did your team start straight away with freestyle lion dance?
Sifu Chen: Yes.

4. What are the things to consider for freestyle lion dance?
Sifu Chen: The most important things to consider are the “Eight Morals”

1. Loyalty – Respect the senior, help one another.
2. Righteous – Spread the teaching, bring honour to the clan
3. Persevere – Willing to learn and practice, stay focus
4. Courage – Dare to admit doing, courage overcomes obstacle
5. Wisdom – Accomodate, Endure, Giving
6. Honest – Humble and honest learning
7. Bond – Kindness and big hearted, bond with togetherness
8. Manners – Cultivate the character, advocate the Eight Morals

5. Kwong Ngai has won many trophies. Some troupes have A team and B team, does your troupe bring the same team for competitions? What is the most desirable weight for a lion head performer?
Sifu Chen: No, we encourage our new team members to go for different competitions so that they can have more experience. There are no specific weight for a lion head performer. As long as both the head and tail can coordinate well. In the beginning, they need to learn the fundamentals then will we allow them to go up on the poles.

6. How long does it take to practice to reach the current standard?
Sifu Chen: Our team members practice every day, with courage and perseverance, and a never give up attitude, in order to reach the standard today.

7. Beside Southern lion dance, your troupe also play the Northern lion dance. There are many troupes also incorporate the Northern style into Southern lion dance. Besides the instruments and lion, what are the main difference between Southern lion and Northern lion?
Sifu Chen: As a matter of fact, that’s the main difference between Southern lion and Northern lion.

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